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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Working Mom with School Age Kids

When our children were little we knew they NEEDED us. As they grow up, make friends and go to school there is that sense that they need us but they don't want to needs us as much as we would like them to. Although I couldn't always be a room mother as often as I liked I did enjoy going and helping with their class room parties or go on a field trip with them. In first, second even third grade I know my son really loved to have me there. Now that he's getting older (a whole 10 years old) I think he thinks its not "cool" to have your mom there.

Then there is the issue of homework, peer pressure, sports or other activities they want to be involved in. Although my son does really well in school (and I hope that continues) there are times that he tries to push his limits when it comes to doing his homework. Whether it's finishing up a worksheet, studying for a test or just reading a couple chapters. We finally had to set some guidelines and that was he can't go outside and play, ride his bike or play PS2 until all his homework is done. I think as a parent we have to make the time to review their homework with them or help them study for a test. We also talk about his day. What did he learn, what silly things happened during the day. Keeping the lines of communication open so when they do need to talk they know they can always come to you. I know this isn't always easy especially being a working mom and dinner still has to be made, laundry to be done, baseball or soccer practice and other children to be taken care of. It's definitely worth it all when you see them succeed in school and life in general.

Letting them spread their wings and hope that you raised them to make right choices when it comes to peer pressure is the toughest thing for a parent to do. They want to have their independence, hang with their buddies and act like a grown up even though we wish they would stay little a bit longer. For now at the end of the day I still get a "Will you tuck me in?" along with a kiss good night and I am going to hang on to this as long as I can.


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