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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Working with Kids in School

I always thought it would be easier to work once my children were in school. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's just as tough as leaving them in daycare, but at times I have to say it's probably tougher. Right now only one of my two children is in school, but my other child will be starting next year.

I hate coming home from work and hearing my kindergartener asking me to join her class for a field trip. I signed up as a class volunteer thinking I would be able to occasionally join my daughter's class for various field trips and class parties during the year. Unfortunately, things haven't worked out quite the way I had planned. To date I've managed to attend ONE field trip and I was able to run over and deliver cupcakes for my daughter's birthday.

It breaks my heart to tell my daughter that I can't join my daughter the way I want to, and it's going to be doubly hard once my other daughter starts school. I'm hoping that I will eventually have a job that allows for a little more time off to take part in my children's activities, but as a daycare provider I can't just take a day off to join my children.

Working parents always seem to get the short end of the stick with their children, but when you don't have the opportunity to stay at home, you have to make sacrifices. Fortunately my daughter is in some after school activities that I get to take part in with her, so that helps to make up for the activities I miss during school hours.


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