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Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day

This is the 7thMother's Day on which I will be honored as a Mother. The first one was when I was pregnant with my daughter and was probably the most special because my husband surprised by celebrating the day. I guess I hadn't thought of myself yet as a Mother, but he surprised me with a gift. That made me realize how special and different my life was becoming as I was growing a life inside me.
All the Mother's Days since have been wonderful. I always receive a precious gift made at daycare by my kid's own hands! I couldn't ask for better gifts! If my husband happens to get me a gift or flowers that is always nice too!
It is impossible to understand what a Mother feels and how hard a Mother's job is until you walk in her shoes. Take the time this Mother's Day to thank your mother and anyone else you know and love who is a Mother!


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