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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working mom with Two Kids

I have a husband who travels a bit with his job, and when he's home, he works out early at the gym two mornings a week. So, getting myself and two little ones up, dressed and fed, along with myself, is quite the multi-tasking event (no man could ever accomplish it!).

While my 2.5 year old is eating his breakfast, while watching Dora or The Backyardigans, I sprint upstairs for my perfected 4 minute shower. Hopefully, my 6 month old is still sleeping; if she's not, this whole event has to be modified with Plan B.

After getting dressed, in record setting speed, I usually get my 6 month old up, and breastfeed her, while my hair dries a bit. Then, I either put her in the exersaucer, or bring her upstairs and put her on her playmat in my bedroom, while I finish drying my hair. My 2.5 year old usually comes upstairs while I dry my hair and he brushes his teeth and hair (and usually flushes the toilet a few times - he loves to do that).

Then, it's time to get the little ones dressed. I try to involve the older one in helping get the younger one dressed - "I helping Mommy" is one of his favorite phrases. After we get her dressed, we go into his room. I put her on his bed, surrounded by pillows, and keeping one eye on her, get his diaper changed and get him dressed (without him actually seeing the clothes in his drawer, otherwise he will want to pick out something entirely different, as well as something that does not match).

After that, downstairs we go. I get the little one in her car seat and then attempt to get the coat and shoes (and in the winter, mitts, hat and boots!) on the older one. Oh yeah, and then I have to find MY shoes and coat!
Once we are outside, I instruct my little boy to NOT go into the street, while I am on the other side of the car, lifting his little sister in her car seat into the car. Once that is accomplished, I lift him up (did I mention I am seeing a chiropractor for pains in my neck and shoulders?) into his carseat, strap him in and away we go to the daycare. This process is then reversed; get my son out, instruct him NOT to move, get the little one out and walk down the street to the daycare.

Are you tired from reading this? I am....and the day has just begun!!


  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger LW said…

    I so know what you mean about the chiropractor :(


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