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Monday, June 05, 2006

Mom's without Mom's

I lost my Mom to emphasemia in 2001. She smoked for most of her life, and eventually it got the best of her. I remember when they did the anti-smoking campaigns at elementary school and I would beg her not to smoke anymore, but she didn't quit - I so wish she had listened to me then and I had her a little longer.

But, I am so thankful for every day I had with her. Although we lived on opposite sides of the country, I spoke to her every day and she was my rock - the person I got advice from on every topic from work problems, to how to cook just about everything.

I am thankful that she knew my husband before she died and knew I married well and she loved him (and he loved her too). I really wish every day that she had seen me as a mother. I know she would have been proud of me and the way I am raising my kids. Like me, she was a working Mom (and unlike me, also single). Even though she was doing it on her own, she was at every single athletic event, and we ate dinner together, which she cooked, every single night. She helped me with my homework and was involved in my life. And I think I turned out pretty good because of it.

I am sad that I don't have her there for advice. My Dad never remembers anything, so there is a lot of questions that I have - like when did I cut baby teeth and when did I walk, that will never be answered and I will never be able to compare. I would have loved for her to see my kids and them to love her.

It's funny, because when my 2 1/2 year old prays at night, sometimes he says "God Bless Grandma - and God Bless Other Grandma"... but I never talk about that he has another Grandma or talk about my Mom. So I really believe that she is looking over my kids and is their guardian angel.


  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger Kristen said…

    Amy I wonder about the things I did as a kid too. I wish there was someone to ask about that stuff.

    Your mom really set some wonderful examples for you. I'm impressed that she was a single working mother who cooked everynight! What a woman.



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