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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Working and Travel

I have my first business trip in a couple of years this week. Before I had kids, I travelled a lot for work, almost 2 times a month. After kids, I really limited my trips to what was absolutely necessary, and even declined some trips if I felt I could. However, I feel in a lot of ways that hurt my career.

This is my first trip since having my second child almost a year ago. I feel like I do need to start travelling again for work. It creates better relationships and helps my career. However, finding that balance is difficult between necessary travel and necessary family time.

I'm stressed about the trip. Even though it is only one night, I will miss the kids terribly. I can't imagine not tucking my kids in on Thursday night. I'm also stressed about my husband alone with the kids, trying to do both drop off and pick up at daycare. He is great with the kids, but it's a lot of extra pressure for him, and it requires him to work short hours. I just really hope it goes well



  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Julie said…

    I travel for work some too. The thing that gets me through is the quiet night at the hotel room. No one to bathe or tuck in, no dh to deal with. I mean, I'd rather be home for sure, don't get me wrong. But one night away can be a break, if the trip itself doesn't wear you out. Hugs!


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