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Friday, September 15, 2006

Benefits that would be very nice!

While I do appreciate the typical benefits offered by my company (health ins., dental ins., holidays, vacation, personal time, 401K, disability pay, flexible spending plans and supplemental life insurance) I do wish I had the option of flex time and / or telecommuting.

As a working mother these type of options would mean the world to me. Because I work 30 + minutes from home and because I occasionally travel for business it would be so nice to be able to do some of my work from home. That extra hour per day of driving really adds up and makes the day seem very long. I feel that as a salaried employee I should be trusted to do my job from home. I can do it from the road when I travel, right?

Many companies treat employees like they are important and valuable and some treat employees like they are lucky to have a job. I’m not sure where my company falls, but I often lean toward the latter.



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