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Monday, April 10, 2006

Why I Work.......

Like the other working mommies this is not an easy question for me to answer. I suppose the first and foremost thought of why I work that comes to mind is money. We need the money. But to be honest my husband and I could make drastic changes to our life style (smaller home, older cars, less shoes...GASP) and we could make it on his income alone. But we need my income to support the kind of lifestyle we want. Does that make us shallow?? I don't know......I don't feel like I'm shallow.

I also enjoy the adult interaction and the sense of accomplishment I get from working. I guess some would say that the one greatest accomplishment in the world is raising your kids. And while I would agree with them completely I also need the sense of accomplishment I get from meeting my deadlines and having someone send me email saying what a fantastic job I did on something. Does that make me selfish?? I don't know....I don't feel selfish?

One thing that makes me extremely lucky is that I found the best daycare/preschool for my 2 1/2 year old son. He has been going there since he was 7 weeks old and I just adore all the teachers. My sons face just lights up when he see's his friends and teachers. He learns so much more than I think I could ever teach him. Just this weekend he showed me the title page in his Thomas the Tank Engine book. I certainly didn't teach him about the title page. His teachers push his development where I feel myself wanting to hold back because.....well he's my baby. Like some of the other mommies here I just can not see myself staying home every day with my son. There are those mommies who have these great activities planned with the kids, arts and crafts, etc. And I look at them in amazement wondering how they even thought of those things. I am just not that creative.

I also work for my insurance benefits. My husbands benefits in a word are awful. The monthly premiums are ridiculously high and the copays are enough to make me avoid the doctor's office even if I had a temperatue of 102 and couldn't get up off the bathroom floor for 3 days. My insurance benefits are absolutely wonderful. Extremely low premiums and low copays. The sense of security I feel by providing that to my family of 5 is priceless.

I think the decision to work or not to work is as complex as we women are to the core.



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