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Friday, August 04, 2006

Real Working Mom: Birthday Parties

I love that he is excited. I love that he gets it, he understand's it's his birthday, and he is eagerly awaiting the day.

I can't wait for him to see all his friends & cousins come to play ~ and of course eat his cake.

I don't love that he's already telling me he's 3, but I guess I better get used to it!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthday Parties

I just finished the parties for my son's third and my daughter's first birthday. We did a pool party and it went over great. We also did cake and presents for the kids on their individual birthdays (born 4 days apart). My 3 year old really loved having both the group attention and the individual attention.

It seems like each year the parties get more fun because he gets more and more excited and understands what birthdays are all about!

Birthday Parties

Oh, the stress & joy of planning a party! My son's three-year old party is this weekend. We are doing a friends party with a Dora Pirate theme. He loves Dora! Every night for the last several months, he has wished on "little star" (from a Dora episode) that he could have cupcakes and presents. He keeps asking me if I’ve talked to the cupcake man about his party. So, that is what we are doing!

I've invited about 20 kids. The party place requires RSVPs, which are hard to get these days with busy parents! I have 11 that say they are coming with the potential for about 7 more! The price of the party covers 15 children. It costs $10 more per child if you go over. I guess will have to take that chance!

I'm excited about the party and hope that my son enjoys it. I am sure that he will. I'm also feeling just a bit guilty for being such an indulgent parent and being a bit extravagant with his party. The joys of motherhood...guilt comes with everything! :)

Vamanose! Let's party!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Real Working Mom: In-Home Daycare

Real Working Mom: In-Home Daycare
I struggled with the decision and gathered a lot of advice from friends, and eventually placed my son in an in-home daycare at 18 months. Our need for a daycare was sort of immediate (my mother & other family had previously watched my son). I discovered the following things were important to me:
1) I wanted my son (and later my daughter) close to my office. It gives me a comfort knowing they are less than a mile away. Whether it's going to visit at lunch or appeasing my earthquake fears, having them close by just makes me feel better.
2) I wanted my provider to be a mom. There are things you don't understand until you are a mother.
3) State Certification, Licenses etc were a must for me.

I found a wonderful daycare provider. We don't agree on everything but generally speaking she's a wonderful woman who loves my kids. She has 8 kids, including my daughter who is the youngest at 10 months old. They have a pretty good structure to their day, not as much as a center I'm sure, but my son has learned SO much there. And they are happy. I wish I was as happy to go to work everyday as my babies are to see their friends at "school".

I worry about the lack of backup, especially now that our daycare provider is pregnant. While she has never missed a day, I'm sure it's going to happy eventually. I'm lucky to have local family who can help in that case.