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Friday, October 13, 2006

Parenting and Extracurricular Activities

My boys are still young and I'm already dreading the time when they begin extracurricular activities. I've heard the horror stories from my friends with older children of running one to one place only to jump in the car and drive the other to the other side of town and back again for pickup. I feel busy and overwhelmed now. How will I ever keep up with three busy schedules when one is sometimes too much? Yikes.

I did a little research and here are some advice from the experts:

Typical Day, What's That?

Of course every weekday I try to keep a schedule (especially in the morning so I can attempt to get to work on time, LOL), but there are always variation (some planned, some not!).

Yesterday was especially exciting!
Here it is!

5:37 Alarm goes off and I am out of bed.
5:40 Throw together a pan of brownies for an office Birthday party that I forgot to prepare for the night before!
5:55 Get in shower
6:05 Make-up and dry hair a bit (just enough so it goes in the right direction, not in my face)
6:20 Make daughter's lunch
6:30 Get kids up (beg daughter to get out of bed!) Make sure DH is up so he can get himself ready.
6:45 Feed dogs and remind kids not to fight, they need to hurry up and eat!
6:55 Throw on clothes (hopefull they don't need ironed, no time!)
7:03 Tell kids breakfast is over (3 min. ago) whether they are done or not!
7:09 Tell kids to brush teeth, argue with daughter about how she wants to wear her hair (5 y.o. girls shouldn't care about this yet!)
7:10 Kids are dressed and I need to brush my hair and teeth and get shoes and kid's jackets on.
7:25 Out the door with my son, DH takes my daughter to her school
7:35 Drop off son, I'm doing well, might be close to on-time!
7:45 At the gas station I lock my keys in the car!!!! Guess I won't be on time!
I borrow a stranger's cell phone to call DH and he can't turn around to come help, he has an important meeting! He says his father will come help me. I have no cell phone or money, so I just stand there for an hour! Finally FIL comes with spare keys and I call work to let them know I'm not dead and will be there in 30 min! Note to self: memorize the combination lock to car! Or change it to something easy to remember!!!
9:35 Get to work, the day gets better, there is food in the office! Food always helps!
4:30 Leave work
4:50 DH calls and says he can pick up daughter and I remind him that he has to take kids to daughter's dance class so I can go to the PTT meeting at her school. He agrees, with no attitude! Yeah!!
5:00 Pick up son, anticipate report of bad behaviour from teacher (he is a 3 y.o. boy after all), but he "kept all his stickers" today (followed all the rules)!!! Yeah!!!! Good thing I have some sugar free gum on hand to reward him!
Of course he promptly swallows it (only 1/2 stick)!
5:10 Home. Help daughter get into her dance clothes, make sure she washes up and goes potty. Give both kids a banana and strap them into DH's truck to go to dance class.
5:30 Peace and quiet! I am in the house alone, it is almost weird! I unload the dishwasher and load the breakfast dishes in it. Warm up a left over baked potato to eat on my way to PTT meeting.
5:55 Stop at Walmart to PU pictures that are in, then run to library to return books (not even overdue yet, doing good!)
6:29 Pull in to the school, not even late!
7:20 Home. Kids are finishing McDonald's, have to tell son he can't lick the caramel (apple dippers) from the little container because it will spill down the front of him, he does it anyway!
7:30 Feed dogs
7:45 Bath for kids (15 min behind schedule, but what's new)
8:30 Put son to bed, read book, he cries because he wants to read it again. Tell him "NO" and DH comes in to kiss him goodnight.
8:45 Go in daughter's room to read to her. Try to get her to pull out front tooth which is so loose it is making me sick, but she whines and says, "Noooooooooo"! Then she remember she needs to take Halloween books to school tomorrow, so we find a couple of those (last minute of course!)
9:00 Lights out in daughter's room! Son is calling me, I tell him to "Go to sleep"!
9:15 Sit down at computer to read emails
10:00 Finish dishes, make coffee for tomorrow
10:15 Let dogs out one more time, go in bedroom to get ready for bed
10:30 Lay down to read / watch T.V.
4:00 a.m. Daughter wanders in to climb in bed with us.
4:30 a.m. I can't sleep, carry her in to her bed
4:45 a.m. Son yells for me, he has to pee, I help him even though I tell him he is big enough to do this without my help! Uggg!
5:37 Alarm goes off, day starts again! T.G. I. F.!!!

The excitement never ends!