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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Japanese Steak House - mesmerized kids and happy parents!

My family and I went to Vegas this weekend. We wanted to do a nicer dinner, but didn't want to be "that" family (you know, the ones with the obnoxious kids while you are trying to have a nice meal AWAY from your kids). We took them to Bennihana (which is all over the US - it is a Japanese Steak House).

The food was really awesome. The kids were mesmerized by the cooking in front of them, which actually allowed my dh and I to have a REAL conversation and a couple of drinks. The waitstaff was really kid friendly - they even recommended the kids split a kids meal, but brought them both soups and ice creams. My ds, who is 3, loved the novelty of eating with chopsticks. They made him a pair of 'kids' chopsticks using a paper and rubber band. They both ate wonderfully - my ds ate a whole bowl of soup, shrimp, rice, chicken, zucchini, and some of my steak.... and ice cream! I think it's the most he has ever eaten at one meal.

So, if you are looking for something a little nice, but will have the kids with you, I highly recommend the Japanese Steak house - good food and free entertainment!