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Monday, May 01, 2006

Real Working Mom: Week of 5/1

I love the new sounds in the morning. Nick, standing up in his crib, looking across the room at his sister and laughing. Or on the mornings she wakes up early, I hear him begging her to just let him sleep a little longer, and I giggle, remembering how many times I said that to HIM in his infancy.
When I was home on maternity leave I never got out of the house before 10am. I wondered and worried how the heck I was going to get out of the house with two kids at 7:30.

The answer became the orchestra that is my morning. But somehow I get to work everyday, and those sitting around me have no idea the symphony I've already performed before I sit down at my desk.

I love that they are at daycare together. I love how Nick is protective of her there. That she has a "voice" should (godforbid) something happen. The fact that they spend their days together makes being apart from them a little easier.


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