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Saturday, February 03, 2007


I can remember the days when it was all about me! My oh my are those days long gone! But I do truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, that we (all mom's) need hobbies and need to take time for ourselves. I feel that doing this makes us better moms. When I can enrich myself and do things for myself I feel better about myself and that makes me a better mom! So what kind of hobbies do I have?

I an relatively new scrapbooker. I absolutely love doing this which is crazy because I am not crafty and not creative. But I absouleyly love scrapbooking, I have to admit that half of why I love it because it's an excuse to get together with friends.

When I was younger with no kids I could rattle off a list a mile long of shows I just had to watch each week. My list has dwindled down one....maybe two shows. I am an avid Grey's Anatomy fan. In fact it is the sole reason that my family now has Tivo! I also really like ER but I don't go crazy if I miss it. Now with Grey's everyone in my house knows that when I start watching it I just need 45 minutes alone (gotta love fast forwarding through the commercials). I tell them all that yes the technology of Tivo allows me to pause the show but once I get started I'm in the zone and do not want to be interrupted as it might ruin a perfectly good cry!

This is a great release. I have to admit I haven't been to a spin class in several weeks. But the idea of walking out of a spin class all sweaty when it's 8 degree's outside with a wind chill of something below zero just freaks me out. I went to class faithfully twice a week for about a year and loved it. My goal is start going again when the temperatures outside reach a point that will allow humans to sustain life.

I do other things as well but the things I listed here are the only things I do ONLY for my own enjoyment.



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