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Friday, May 26, 2006

Round Two: The Road Already Traveled

Somehow, for me, it was easier the second time. Somehow as I was walking out the door and leaving her for my first day at work, I knew that we would be OK. I knew that she wouldn't love me any less. That she would be well taken care of. That she would thrive and learn and love her new "friends". I knew that someday she would understand that I work to provide her and her brother with the life we want them to have.

It would be easier for her, going into daycare a year younger than her older brother, she would never know any other weekday routine. To date there has not been a single drop off tear.

I walked back into the office so much more confident than last time. Having communicated at least weekly while I was gone, I was much more comfortable. My department had not only survived, they were thriving without me. I was able to move to another department and start contributing to the company in a whole new way, something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Twenty times a day I look at the picture on my desk of my two darlings. I miss them. Although I know that I would work even if I didn't have to, I certainly wouldn't work as much. While I struggle with that, I take great comfort in knowing that while they're not with me all day, they're together.


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