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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Do I really expect too much????

I know I'm a perfectionist but I don't really think I expect that much. Why is everything left for mommy to do?????

I had surgery recently so daddy got a taste of what it's like to be mommy and he didn't like it one bit. He complained the whole weekend and I was only out of commission for like 3 days and the 4th day I started helping out. Being a mommy is hard work!!!!

Each week involves working 40 hours/week, picking the boys up from my moms or daycare, multiple loads of laundry (washing and folding), touch up cleaning (thank goodness we finally sprang for a cleaning service 1X/month), grocery shopping, putting dishes in and taking them out of the dishwasher, giving bathes, packing lunches, getting things ready to go for the next morning, feeding the boys dinner, making sure my little one gets his medication 2x/day, and putting both kids to bed. I take care of party planning, phone calls, and all the other miscellaneous household things that seem to arise on a daily basis. I'm exhausted at day's end and it's just expected for mommy take care of whatever needs taking care of.

I will say my husband is good about getting the boys up in the morning and getting my oldest to school 2 days/week then watching them in the morning and dropping them off with my mom around lunch before he goes to work. I know that is more than a lot of dads do. Occasionally he'll even clean up after himself or run the vacuum but it's few and far between and then he wonders why I'm tired and crumpy. He also takes out the trash once a week and mows the lawn in the summer once a week if I'm lucky (I absolutely refuse to do this stuff because I know if I did it, it would become another of my long list of responsiblities.)


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