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Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer Vacation

We've never planned our summer vacations well. We're not really beach people, and summer is a beachy kind of season for a vacation. Being that we are all white as freshly bleached socks, fun in the sun is not a great vacation for us as a family.

Our first summer-time vacation was Rome in the beginning of July. Rome is an amazing city with a thousand places of wonder within it. However it is about a thousand degrees from June until September.

As a teenager I went to Sardegna (Sardinia) in the summer. Sard is an island off the southern coast of Italy, north of Sicily, and is amazing in the summer. Surrounded by water the weather is wonderful, the ocean amazing (although I did burn to a crisp) and the nightlife totally hot. Unfortunately boats & nightclubs aren't on the list these days.

Last year we went to Florida, and did two weeks at Disneyworld. While we had fun, I would never go there in the summer again either. Hot sticky and lots of sporadic rain.

When someone figures out the RIGHT place for pale people to spend the summers, please let me know!



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