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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Must haves from the convenience queen.

I personally, love the gadgets. I love anything and everything that will make my life as a working mom easier. Unfortunately when I had my first child, NONE of my friends were working mothers, and some of their needs were different than mine, so over time, I discovered "my" list of must haves. I will try to do them justice:


Carseat: A good lightweight 5 point infant carrier that will last at least 6 months. I prefered to get the seat and the Snap-n-Go rather than a full size stroller. I used our umbrella stroller when she was awake (long time spent in a carseat isn't good for baby, so take them out as much as you can!) I hated the travel system I had with my first child. For my second baby we had the Graco Safe Seat and it was a GREAT carseat.

Swing: Full size or travel size, this was a must in our house. My kids both loved to be rocked, and there's only so much rocking a mommy can do when she's cleaning up dinner too!

Breast Pump: If you are nursing, the Medela Pump in Style is a great take to work pump, and it comes in a backpack. Since I was pumping a lot, I also had a Medela Symphony that I rented.

Boppy Pillow: For nursing or formula feeding, this is a must! Or a pillow like it, but I loved my Boppy and my 18 month old still uses hers.

Swaddle Blankets: I got a few from the hospital but when it became clear I had babies that LOVED being swaddled, the Miracle Blanket became my best friend! It swaddled my daughter until 8 months.

2 diapers bags: 1 stays in the car, stocked with everthing but the kitchen sink. Then a little one I can throw on my back with a couple diapers a snack and pacifiers to run into a store!

Sling: I loved my Peanut Shell and New Native carriers for the first year. They are easy, compact, and very very comfortable.

Bumbo Seat: my daughter loved this seat.

For Daycare: I love the idea of sending a disposable camera to school, so that your daycare provider can take pictures of your kid(s) during the day. It's wonderful to see them!

Older Babies
Again, a good carseat. Convertibles that have higher height and weight limits (look for high top slots) will ensure your child gets the MOST use of out their convertible seat. And allows them to rear-face longer (which is safer, for more info go to http://www.carseatdata.org. )

Umbrella Stroller: I have a double and a single, which is nice when I go out with only 1 of my two kids. The Chicco, Inglesina lines are a less expensive alternative to the well known Maclarens, and they hold up really well!



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