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Friday, May 05, 2006

Help America's Mothers and Families Now! The Motherhood Manifesto

Here is an interesting e-mail to pass on to your other working mom friends to get up to date on working mother issues from MomsRising:

Subject: Join me in becoming a MomsRising member
I hope you'll join me and others in one of the most exciting grassroots movements on the Internet today: MomsRising.


MomsRising gives people a voice in the motherhood and family issues that are shaping our lives. This is particularly important because frankly American mothers and families are in trouble. A full quarter of families with children under six live in poverty, at least 9 million children don't have any health care, and far too many parents can't afford to stay home with sick children.

MomsRising is working to promote common sense family-friendly policies. You can sign online petitions and pledges that will be shared with political, community, and business leaders, as well as receive email alerts on timely issues, and read The Motherhood Manifesto book all for free.

MomsRising is building a vibrant online community and has great personal stories posted, as well as hot issues and timely actions for change. There are also current event discussion topics to spark group or personal conversations--and information about how start small groups, as well as how to get more involved working toward solutions.

By working together we can ignite a major movement that brings common sense, necessary change to the lives of mothers and families.

I hope you'll join us today at:



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