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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Some random things I'm thankful for...

my family -- even though sometimes I want to move miles away from my extended family. :)
my son -- he brings me such joy and helps me to see the happy things in life
the Internet -- an amazing resource at my fingertips and a place where I've found great friends

I enjoy following the Simple Abundance daybook. One of the things recommended in that book is to list out what you are thankful for every night. It helps you to recognize the good things that are present in your life. Take a few minutes to look around and take notice of the good things in your life.

Beth Ann


  • At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Kathy+2 said…

    I like the idea of making a list at the end of the day. Sometimes I need a little prompt to keep focused on the positive. Thanks for sharing the idea.


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