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Monday, March 26, 2007

Must Have Baby Items!

My "baby" is almost four years old now. Man time flies. Anyway, I'm having a hard time remembering the things that helped me the most during his infanthood. Memory is a tough thing when you are in multi-tasking overload as a working mom!!!

Here are a few things I felt were useful:

camera -- take millions of pics - time goes by fast (see paragraph above!)

Baby swing -- if they make them now where they plug in that would be better. We used TONS of batteries in the one we had. It was the only place he would sleep most of the time.

Playtex bottles with disposable inserts -- made bottle feeding easier since you tossed the insert and didn't have to wash inside those long & thin bottles.

Something I'll buy if I ever do it again: co-sleeper baby bed. I ended up co-sleeping (still do) with my son and I wish I had started that way from the beginning.

Sense of Humor -- babies and sleep deprivation make you crazy! Try to laugh....lots! :)



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