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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It Only Seems Harder the 2nd Time Around

You would think it would be easier to return to work after the second child. I knew the routine, I'd done it before, I have my trusty daycare in place. But for some unknown reason it was even harder this time than with my first son. Maybe because I was not the stressed out new mom with no sleep this time. I could revile in the moments we were spending. In February, I was returning to work after the birth of my second son. I had spent two wonderful months at home. I got to spend some great quality time with my older one before the birth and then afterward it was bliss to get to spend my days at home with them both.

I really thought it would be easier but I think it was even harder the second time around. Knowing that time is so precious and that time slips by so quickly and I'd be leaving them before I knew it. Although I've been back to work for almost four months, there are still days were leaving my snuggly little 5 month old smiling away at home as I drive off to work is just heartbreaking. Watching hubby and my older child curled up in bed when I'm off to work before it's light out. :(

It's my life. I'm extremely lucky to have a fabulous husband, two wonderful boys and a good job. However I think we all have those times where we dream of being independently wealthy: working at home with our children playing at our feet [quietly of course ;)] at a job we love that involves helping others. Guess I better start playing the lottery :)


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