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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthday Parties

Oh, the stress & joy of planning a party! My son's three-year old party is this weekend. We are doing a friends party with a Dora Pirate theme. He loves Dora! Every night for the last several months, he has wished on "little star" (from a Dora episode) that he could have cupcakes and presents. He keeps asking me if I’ve talked to the cupcake man about his party. So, that is what we are doing!

I've invited about 20 kids. The party place requires RSVPs, which are hard to get these days with busy parents! I have 11 that say they are coming with the potential for about 7 more! The price of the party covers 15 children. It costs $10 more per child if you go over. I guess will have to take that chance!

I'm excited about the party and hope that my son enjoys it. I am sure that he will. I'm also feeling just a bit guilty for being such an indulgent parent and being a bit extravagant with his party. The joys of motherhood...guilt comes with everything! :)

Vamanose! Let's party!!


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