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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What Benefits Are Most Important To Me

Because my husband's company pays 100% of his healthcare, medical benefits are not an issue for me. We get all ours from his.

The benefit that is most important to me is flexible working hours and being able to work from home 1/2 day/week. I work at home Monday PM and have Friday PM off because I make up the hours during the week. This allows reduced childcare expenses and allows me more time with my boys. This has a lot of benefit in my book.

In the past, I've also used the tuition reimbursement. This allowed me to complete my MBA online which I'd have never been able to afford otherwise. It was a tremendous learning experience for me that I really treasure.

As a fellow working mom, I encourage you to take advantage of any benefits that you are offered like flexible spending accounts, tuition reimbursement, 401K. These are not fringe benefits, they are part of your total compensation and if you don't use them, you are not getting for full compensation for your work.

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