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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Day in the Life

Every day is a little different, but here's a typical schedule (my exact day this Monday actually):
5:15 - Baby is crying. Breastfeed in bed and pretend I'm still sleeping.
5:45 - Get out of bed, get myself ready but not dressed, eat breakfast.
6:30 - Get the kids up. The 3-year-old can dress herself with the clothes I picked out the night before. I breastfeed and dress the baby.
6:55 - Load the car with their daycare bag, my breast pump, etc.
7:00 - Get dressed.
7:05 - Discover that the baby has had a massive poop. Rush to change her.
7:10 - Start the dishwasher and leave the house.
7:11 - Get the kids in the carseat, crabby because we're running late as always.
7:20 - Arrive at daycare. Kiss my angels goodbye. Still feel a lump in my throat as I leave them every day.
7:35 - Arrive at work, 5 minutes late.
9:30 - Take a "break" to pump breastmilk.
12:30 - Lunchbreak (which I like to call "Pump and Munch")
4:05 - Get the heck out of there to go pick up my babies.
4:20 - Arrive at daycare, hug the kids, chat with the provider.
4:40 - Arrive home.
4:45 - Change clothes.
4:50 - Get older child a snack.
4:55 - Breastfeed baby, watch the tail end of Oprah.
5:15 - Start thinking about supper (assuming I wasn't organized enough to throw something in the crockpot that morning--which seems to happen a lot lately). Play with the kids on the floor, maybe read them some books. Try not to act as tired as I feel.
5:30 - Start making supper.
5:45 - Unload dishwasher while supper cooks.
6:00 - Try to eat while feeding baby spoonfuls of sweet potatoes. Give 3-year-old the evil eye for blowing bubbles in her milk.
6:30 - Clean up baby. Put her on the floor where she cries while I clean up 3-year-old, clean up kitchen and sweep floor so baby doesn't find 3-year-old's "leftovers."
6:45 - Husband gets home. Where has he been all my life?
6:50 - I take a shower while husband watches the kids.
7:05 - Family time.
7:10 - Get out the kids' clothes for the next day.
7:15 - Baby is very crabby so I dress her in her jammies and sit down to breastfeed her in the dark while my husband gives our older child a bath.
7:30 - Put baby to bed.
7:40 - Snuggle with 3-year-old.
8:00 - Husband puts 3-year-old to bed.
8:05 - We try to watch TV while I get things ready for the next day and he washes bottles.
9:00 - Grown-up time. Drink a beer, maybe watch an episode of "Six Feet Under" from Netflix.
10:00 - Go to bed.
10:05 - Talk.
10:10 - Husband is asleep.
10:15 - Even though I'm exhausted, I can't sleep so I read.
10:45 - Shut out my light and embrace sleep.
2:00 a.m. - Get up to feed baby.
5:15 a.m. - Start all over again.
I'm trying to fit working out back into my schedule. I'm thinking maybe 4:30 a.m.?


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