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Monday, September 18, 2006

Benefits of a Working Mom

Working for a small company certainly comes with its advantages and disadvantages when discussing whats important to myself and my family.

While my dh's company has the medical, dental and vision benefits the company I work for still offers vacation, paid holidays, 401K, short term disabilityand some flexability along with a real family business atmosphere.

I feel like flexability is a double edge sword. On one side when the kids are sick my boss knows that its important to me that I be there to take care of them. Or when I need to either come in late or leave early because maybe they're doing Muffins with Mom or a class party at my ds school. The other side of the sword is that there is NO flexability when it comes to working from home one or two days a week. Which is something that I've tried for over the years but just isn't feasible working in a small company.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Working Mom Benefits

I recently re-entered the workforce after a year and a half hiatus. I feel blessed to have re-entered into a part-time job with great flexibility. My job is within the school system, and I only work 16 hours a week. I have mornings and Friday's off, as well as all school holidays.

I also receive medical benefits though my DH (dear husband), so that is not too much of a worry for us.

However, I will also do without some of the better benefits, such as good maternity leave and PTO. When I give birth in late Feb./early March, I will take off 6 weeks unpaid and hope we've got enough saved up by then!

I agree with the other mom's that we should all be offered great flexibility within our jobs, as well as the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week if it's within the companies power. Here's hoping more companies will open up to working mother's and work with them, not against them! *Raises glass*

Flexible Schedule

I took advantage this week of one of the crucial benefits that I have...taking a personal day at the last moment. My son had his first field trip this week. I had planned not to go; but, he asked me the night before to go with him. He was so excited about being a big boy and he wanted his mother to be there with him to ride the bus for the first time. So, I emailed my boss and took a vacation day at the last second. I'm lucky to have that kind of flexibility and it is a benefit of my job that I rank very high.