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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Taking a sick day

6:00 AM - the alarm clock woke me up as usual. I beat it down for about thirty minutes and finally got up. I felt horrible so I decided to email my boss about a sick day.

8:15 AM - I get a call in to my doctor and get an appt for 1:30 PM. I hope to sleep until that time.

8:30 AM - I started back to bed. My husband was just getting up. However, my son was up so I decided to stay up a bit longer and get him to daycare. My husband was oblivious to how bad I felt. I got my son dressed with little help from my husband and then attempted to get my son to the car to leave. He wanted to stay home with me. I finally got him in the car with bribery of pancakes from McD's and the excitement of his show & tell with the letter A and his alligator toy.

9:15 AM - Arrive at daycare just as show & tell is ending. He got to show his alligator but it took many, many hugs to get out the door. I still was barely functioning.

10:00 AM - I get home and check work email to make sure things are okay. I have to handle several issues. No fun to have to work on my sick day. That is just the way it is.

11:00 AM - I finally go to bed. My husband is leaving for work. I ask him to call me by 12:30 PM so I can be up in time to go to the doctor.

12:20 PM - my husband calls but he has a flat tire on the interstate. So, I have to get up and go rescue him. His tire is shredded from running over something. He takes me to the doctor while he goes for a new tire.

1:30 PM - my doctor appt is fine -- he wants to know why I'm shedding so much hair! I tell him I don't know you are the doctor. He takes two vials of blood and gives me a shot in the butt and two RXs. I have to go back in a week.

2:15 PM - I call my husband to come back and get me. He is all the way across town at the second tire store. He says he'll come and get me.

3:00 PM - My husband finally picks me up. I enjoyed sitting in the sun outside the doctor's office because the office was FREEZING! (I'm never cold.) We drive all the way back across town to get his tire. He's stressed out because he needs to be in 45 minutes away before 5 PM to turn in an end of the month invoice to the city. So, we fly back to his truck and he replaces the tire. I catnap in the car this entire time.

4:00 PM - I leave my husband as the police drive up to see if we need help. Thanks for that late timing! I realize I haven't eaten all day so I go get fast-food. Then I pick my son up. I told my husband as I left him that he had to get home quickly because I needed to go to bed and felt terrible. I pick up my son. He doesn't want to leave the daycare because he can't find his one favorite rock on the playground. I don't have much patience but I finally get him in the car. I drop the RXs by on the way home. They'll be ready by 7 PM.

5:00 PM - I get home. I'm feeling worse than ever. I can barely even lay on the couch. My son does not care that I feel like hell. He wants to build a block tower and I'm supposed to help. It is the worst I have ever felt....at least that I can recently remember.

8:00 PM - My husband gets home. I tell him to go get my medicine and give my son his medicine and feed him. I go to bed and pass out.

10:30 PM - My husband walks in my room & turns on the light. He can't find my son's medicine. He also doesn't know the dosage. We've been doing this for three days now. Why doesn't he know these things? The instructions are printed on the bottles. I finally wake up enough to tell him and take my meds.

2:30 AM - My son wakes me up and gets in bed with me. We both go back to sleep.

4:00 AM - My son wakes me up wanting a glass of milk. I'm feeling somewhat better. Amazing with so little sleep. I go to the kitchen and make him a sippy cup with milk. He proceeds to pee on the kitchen floor. So, I clean up the floor and get new undies and the pullup over it. We both go back to bed. My son requires a story before he'll go back to sleep. We finally turn the lights off and go back to sleep. My husband sleeps through all of this.

8:00 AM - my son wakes up for the day. I get up with him. I feel so much better. We wake my husband up. I decide to not do anything I had scheduled and stay at home and rest. My husband says he'll get home early.

7:00PM - My husband gets home...not what I define as early! But, my son and I had a good day. We went to the park twice and played with his toys. We both are feeling much better. Thank God for sick days and good medicine.

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