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Friday, November 03, 2006

Horror Movie or Disney Picture?

When I was growing up Halloween was October 31st. It did not matter if it fell on a Friday night, allowing the late-night prowlers to sleep-in or on a Sunday night before a harsh Monday morning of school.

Somewhere along the line, some towns decided that it was unnecessary to celebrate the holiday on the 31st. I had heard rumors of such a thing, but it was only as I drove home on Monday (later than usual because a traffic accident forced a detour) that I realized that my town was one of the culprits. So there I sat, October 30th, with medieval costumes in hand for my two munchkins, having missed trick or treating in my neighborhood.

The quest began. Calling friends, checking local newspapers on the web in a desperate attempt to salvage the holiday for my kids (well, truth be told it was really for me – I don’t give them the candy, I just wanted the photo ops). Much to my dismay, my holy grail of trick or treating ended up in the ex-husband’s neighborhood.

My first Halloween as a single mom and I was faced with the horror of Halloween’s past – with one catch. I summon up the best positive attitude I could muster for the sake of my kids and go to HIS HOUSE. I walk in and continue to try to focus on how much it might mean for him to be a part ofthis kid-oriented holiday and how, down the road, my little ones mayappreciate that I tried to include their father. Unfortunately, lurking in a dark corner of his living room was one of his ex-girlfriends and her daughter.

I stifled the scream, shot a murderous look at my ex and assured myself that I would survive “The Attack of the Ex’s Ex-Girlfriend.” Fortunately, I had arrived armed – with self esteem – looking pretty damn good in the costume I had worn to work that day. I kept my best plastic smile on my face as the entire Ex group ventured out trick or treating, and focused on enjoying the amazement in my children’s eyes as they saw an array of costumes on the masses walking the neighborhood…the surprise as they realized that they were getting candy from strangers – and all they had to do was dress up and say a few words.

Looking back, all that is important is that my kids experienced the wonder of Halloween. They did not care who they had to share the holiday with (the more, the merrier, I think). They were happy just to be doing something new and exciting.

My horror movie was their Disney picture. Thank goodness I have them to remind me of what is important.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our First Adventure in Trick or Treating

Wow!!!! This year was our first year with our three year old trick or treating and it was SO MUCH fun!!!!!!!!!!! We got already then waited for daddy to get home from work. As soon as he walked in the door we turned him around and started out.

My son was so excited just to be out in the neighborhood ringing doorbells but when he found out that they gave him candy too: he was ecstatic!!! After each house, he would ask if it was time to go home yet and when we said no not yet, he would smile a big smile and say, thanks. My 1 year old had a great time too collecting candy even though he can't eat it and has no idea what it is. He had a death grib on his bucket the whole night and gave everyone smiles.

I couldn't believe how warm it was. We had to shed a layer or two.

The perfect night!!

Here is my super superman and cuddly duck:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Batman!

Well, Batman won the battle of the Halloween costume. Here's my adorable son as Batman. I did have to fight off a last minute request to be a magician though! I think he saw another child at daycare dressed up as a magician with a wand and a cape which interested him!!

Halloween was crazy. I got to work early and then skipped lunch too so I could leave early to get to our Halloween party before it was too dark to Trick or Treat. We made it in plenty of time...thanks to a flexible schedule!!! Batman and his cousin's had a blast Trick or Treating.

Hope you had a great Halloween.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween is here...still debating the costume!

It is my fault really. I shouldn't buy other costumes at the thrift store to tempt him with! I found a Spiderman that was too big, a Jake Justice Rescue Hero (policeman) without the cap that sort of fits, and an Star Trek officer out fit that is way too big. I'm still pushing Batman but Jake Justice may win out. I'll post a picture to let you see the final winner!

I'm leaving work early to get to our party before dark. It has been a long day since I came in early and worked through lunch. I'm ready to trick or treat.

Happy Halloween!