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Saturday, January 13, 2007

So much for resolutions

Happy New Year! I made a few of resolutions this year. I always try to make resolutions to be a better person in the new year.

1. Work out more.
2. Figure out finances and do better with money.
3. Continue to lose weight.
4. Be more active on RealWorkingMom blog and bulletin board.

It is just the middle of January and I've messed up on all of them! LOL

1. I'm aiming for working out four times a week. At least these first two weeks I've THOUGHT about working out that many times a week! Gotta get more motivated. ;)

2. I forgot to pay a credit card bill because we were out of town over New Years week. So, I had a late fee and probably now a higher rate. So much for fiscal responsibility!

3. For some reason I am eating everything in sight these last couple of weeks. The "I'll start to eat better after the holidays" logic didn't kick in very well. Valentines Day must be the holiday I'm thinking of!

4. Last but not least. This blog is about two weeks overdue. And, I haven't made it over the the RWM boards yet to post. I hope you've made it over there at least!

All these things are important to me. So, I guess I resolve to get moving on my resolutions! Wish me luck.