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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Working Mom with Two Kids

Well, I moved from being a working Mom with 1 kid to two kids about 9 months ago. I can't say it isn't challenging. Just getting out the door in the morning takes me over 2 hours. I get up, pump, run, get ready, get the baby up, nurse her, get my two year old up, get him ready, pack lunches, eat breakfast and go. It's a challenge on a good day not to lose my patience when things aren't going smoothly. I try to keep a pretty good routine for both kids, so they know what to expect, which seems to help.

On the other hand, I barely remember what life was like with only one. The two have started playing together, which I just love - big brother just adores his little sister, and she adores him, which is wonderful. I can't imagine life with one anymore!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Help America's Mothers and Families Now! The Motherhood Manifesto

Here is an interesting e-mail to pass on to your other working mom friends to get up to date on working mother issues from MomsRising:

Subject: Join me in becoming a MomsRising member
I hope you'll join me and others in one of the most exciting grassroots movements on the Internet today: MomsRising.


MomsRising gives people a voice in the motherhood and family issues that are shaping our lives. This is particularly important because frankly American mothers and families are in trouble. A full quarter of families with children under six live in poverty, at least 9 million children don't have any health care, and far too many parents can't afford to stay home with sick children.

MomsRising is working to promote common sense family-friendly policies. You can sign online petitions and pledges that will be shared with political, community, and business leaders, as well as receive email alerts on timely issues, and read The Motherhood Manifesto book all for free.

MomsRising is building a vibrant online community and has great personal stories posted, as well as hot issues and timely actions for change. There are also current event discussion topics to spark group or personal conversations--and information about how start small groups, as well as how to get more involved working toward solutions.

By working together we can ignite a major movement that brings common sense, necessary change to the lives of mothers and families.

I hope you'll join us today at:


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Women in Leadership

Here are two thought-provoking articles on Women in Leadership by Wharton Business school:

Is There Such a Thing as "Women's Leadership"?
A Surprising Look at Work-Life Balance


Working Mom with Two Kids

I don't know what life is like with only one child. When I married my husband he had twin 8 year old boys from a previous marriage. They live with us half the time. So for 2 years prior to my son being born we fluxuated between having two kids and none. There were a few occasions were one of the twins had plans so we only had one child. I am absolutely amazed at how the noise and chaos levels drop when you go from two to one!

My hat goes off to the women here who have two or more children. When I became a stepmom the twins were already potty trained, could get themselves up in the morning, could dress and bath themselves and could pour their own bowl of cereal for breakfast! I had it easy!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working mom with Two Kids

I have a husband who travels a bit with his job, and when he's home, he works out early at the gym two mornings a week. So, getting myself and two little ones up, dressed and fed, along with myself, is quite the multi-tasking event (no man could ever accomplish it!).

While my 2.5 year old is eating his breakfast, while watching Dora or The Backyardigans, I sprint upstairs for my perfected 4 minute shower. Hopefully, my 6 month old is still sleeping; if she's not, this whole event has to be modified with Plan B.

After getting dressed, in record setting speed, I usually get my 6 month old up, and breastfeed her, while my hair dries a bit. Then, I either put her in the exersaucer, or bring her upstairs and put her on her playmat in my bedroom, while I finish drying my hair. My 2.5 year old usually comes upstairs while I dry my hair and he brushes his teeth and hair (and usually flushes the toilet a few times - he loves to do that).

Then, it's time to get the little ones dressed. I try to involve the older one in helping get the younger one dressed - "I helping Mommy" is one of his favorite phrases. After we get her dressed, we go into his room. I put her on his bed, surrounded by pillows, and keeping one eye on her, get his diaper changed and get him dressed (without him actually seeing the clothes in his drawer, otherwise he will want to pick out something entirely different, as well as something that does not match).

After that, downstairs we go. I get the little one in her car seat and then attempt to get the coat and shoes (and in the winter, mitts, hat and boots!) on the older one. Oh yeah, and then I have to find MY shoes and coat!
Once we are outside, I instruct my little boy to NOT go into the street, while I am on the other side of the car, lifting his little sister in her car seat into the car. Once that is accomplished, I lift him up (did I mention I am seeing a chiropractor for pains in my neck and shoulders?) into his carseat, strap him in and away we go to the daycare. This process is then reversed; get my son out, instruct him NOT to move, get the little one out and walk down the street to the daycare.

Are you tired from reading this? I am....and the day has just begun!!

Working Mom with two kids

For the longest time I was a working mom with one kid. My son was the only child for 7 years. He received 100% of my attention and now at the age of 10 he has a little sister who is 2 1/2 years old. Not receiving all the attention after his little sister was born was a very big adjustment for him to deal with. So I promised myself that I would still find time for him and I do things together while my daughter played with Daddy. I wish that I was able to do this more than I do but life takes over and the day is gone before you know it.

When we first decided to have another baby my thoughts immediately went to my son and how this effect him. But you know everyone adapts to the life around them and my son adapted very well. He's an AWESOME big brother!

Don't get me wrong he gets aggravated, then she gets chimes in which ultimately leads to mom getting stressed especially in the mornings when we're trying to get out the door. Then I see them in the evening laying on the couch together sharing a snack or when we go for a walk in the neighborhood and she wants to hold her big brothers hand. That just melts my heart and that's when I stop and think that even though we have some rough times I just couldn't imagine my life any different.

Where there is a will, There is a way

Working and being a mom is very challenging. When my son came around in Aug 2003 I didn't think I'd ever be able to work with 2 small children to take care of! It was difficult at first, but like all challenges "where there is a will, there is a way"!

Actually now that he is 2.5 and my daughter is 5.5 I can't remember it any other way and those mornings when no one is cooperating (which are more often than not) are no big deal!

Our evenings are filled with playing in the yard and a little TV watching while Mom gets dinner together. Our routine helps us get through! My husband works odd hours so it is up to me to get them ready in the morning and pick them up after work most days, so it can be a bit stressful!

I wouldn't change it though. My kids have a routine that they know and it works out well for us.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Real Working Mom: Week of 5/1

I love the new sounds in the morning. Nick, standing up in his crib, looking across the room at his sister and laughing. Or on the mornings she wakes up early, I hear him begging her to just let him sleep a little longer, and I giggle, remembering how many times I said that to HIM in his infancy.
When I was home on maternity leave I never got out of the house before 10am. I wondered and worried how the heck I was going to get out of the house with two kids at 7:30.

The answer became the orchestra that is my morning. But somehow I get to work everyday, and those sitting around me have no idea the symphony I've already performed before I sit down at my desk.

I love that they are at daycare together. I love how Nick is protective of her there. That she has a "voice" should (godforbid) something happen. The fact that they spend their days together makes being apart from them a little easier.

Week of 5/1

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